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Corporate Travel Tips

All you need to know to prepare your company for the next best incentives or team-building trip!

We know how much time, energy and money goes into planning your company's travel experience. Here's some recommendations to making the most out of your trip:

  1. Plan and Book in Advance: Schedule trips well in advance to secure better flight and accommodation options. This also allows for more flexibility in case of unexpected changes.

  2. Travel Insurance: A trusted travel insurance policy can cover unexpected cancellations, medical emergencies, or trip interruptions.

  3. Stay Connected: Ensure you have access to necessary communication tools, we recommend group chatting applications like WhatsApp, Signal or GroupMe to stay in touch with your group on itinerary, activities and pre & post trip planning.

  4. Expense Management: Keep all receipts and track expenses diligently. Using dedicated expense management software or apps can simplify this process. Anago Travel offers this service to clients to manage your budget and trip costs.

  5. Stay Productive: Pack essential work items like a laptop, chargers, and any documents you might need. Use travel time wisely to catch up on work or prepare for meetings.

  6. Know Your Policies: Understand your company's travel policies regarding expenses, reimbursement procedures, preferred airlines or hotels, and any limitations.

  7. Pack Efficiently: Pack light and smartly. Carry versatile clothing, necessary gadgets, and only essential items to avoid excess baggage fees and to ease mobility.

  8. Hire a Group Travel Company: All of these tasks can seem daunting, especially on top of your day-to-day work. Hiring a Group Travel company to manage all these details, find the best deals and ensure your trip goes smoothly can be a huge stress reliever for your core leadership team!

Anago Travel & Tours specializes in group travel and is dedicated to ensuring top quality, service, communication and a perfectly tailored experience. We work directly with your team on everything from flight services, itinerary building, travel insurance, pre-trip meetings, payment coordination, trip facilitations and everything in between.

By implementing these tips, corporate travel can be more organized, efficient, and enjoyable while ensuring you make the most of your business trips.


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