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Join us as we retrace the footsteps of the apostle Paul through Ancient Greece. Follow the ministry of the early church and end with a cruise through the picturesque Greek islands. 


Day 1: 

Travel Day

Day 2:

Tour Thessaloniki 

Day 3: 

Visit Thessaloniki / Philippi 

Day 4:

Explore Veria / Meteora (Kalambaka) 

Day 5: 

Discover Athens

Day 6:

Experience Ancient Corinth

Day 7: 

Marvel at Mykonos 

Day 8:

Cruise to Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey/Patmos, Greece

Day 9: 

Continue to Crete / Santorini

Day 10: 

Return to Athens / Travel Day

*itinerary is subject to changes & availability

Footsteps of Paul


10 Days

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